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First standard poodle litter was a result of a long time of considering. When I went to see my first standards breeders new litter of black puppies, the breeders sister jumped out with an idea of mixing colors. She knew I had white standard puppy and that I propably would breed her. Magics breeder had imported black standard male from Sweden, Fin Ch Look Twice Suit Your Self, that was from black and white breeding, and he had alreayd produced white puppies with black bitches, so he was deffinitely carrier of white.

Learning colors and looking for a suitable males, we eventually ended up applying for a permit for breeding my white bitch with her black male. At that time it was under strict controll mixing other colors than black and brown together. All younger males were close relatives for Salla, the most winsome being her brother. There were some older males, and I really did like charming gentleman Whoop's Pac Man who lived in the nearby city. After all, I applied for the permit and got it. So He-man it was, our first standard puppies sire.

Breeding Salla was something. She thought long time that He-man was there just to play with her. We were real close giving up when Salla finally realized why He-man really was there. Same thing next day. He-man was gentleman, he needed to know it's ok to do his thing with Salla, and he wanted to ensure that from me, his owner and Salla. Going on all fours at the garage concrete floor wasn't the most idealistic and comfortable, but the result was deffinitely worth it.

Litter was born June 15th 2000. I had been sleeping both at my appartment and parents house where puppies was to born, and we walked the previous day back from my appartment to parents house. Magic was with us too. My friend who had promised to come help me with whelping came to see Salla that evening, with a feeling that whelping will start soon. Next morning started with Salla wanting out, so I had Magic in leash and let Salla go out without as usual. Magic in one hand, cell phone and keys in the other. But Salla wans't into peeing or pooping.

First pup was born at 6:40 into bushes. Rushing to pup I let Magics leash go and started to call my friend that it is the time now, first pup was just born. My kid brother woke up and got Magic and Salla back inside when I was taking care of a new born puppy still in phone. Little after we all got inside, my pap came back with mom who had been in night sift. Right after that the second pup was born and my parents went to shopping some milk substitute, just in case. Only few minutes after that my friend came, just in time to catch the third born puppy.

Fourth puppy needed much more work. When the first borns were quite normal sized and were born every half an hour, took the 4th puppy nearly 4 hours to born. He was black, and looked like he came twisted double back first and we were so sure that wouldn't go well and we need to go to vet asap. It was his head. This boy weighed 1/3 more than first born biggest white boy, giving birth to such a big boy took its time. The rest of the gang, 4 whites, was born after that a hour between, and they were just a bit smaller than the first 3 ones.

Sallas sister had had her litter bit earlier, also sired by black male. Colors went opposite, litter of 6 blacks and only 1 white.

Names to this litter are mostly from Greek mythology. Boys are Apollo, Arcas, Asopus and Atlas, girls Andromeda, Artemis, Athena and Aurora. Aurora has always sound pretty to me, and that is the only one from Roman mythology. More about Greek mythology in this litter

There is 2 multi champions in this litter, black male Int&Esp&Port&Gibr. Ch Biscuit Bishop's Apollo Therbake and white bitch Int&Esp&Port&Fra&Gibrl&SubEuropean Ch JWW-01 Biscuit Bishop's Iontari Aurora aka July. They both live in Spain and were always together when they were puppies. In all pictures where these 2 are, they are side by side. They had flight from Kajaani to Helsinki and from there to Brussels to spent a night in animal hotel. Next morning plane took them to Barcelona and to their new homes.

Aurora went to the bridge October 25th 09. I want to thank you Ricardo and Natividad for taking very good care of July. She had great character already as pup, and grew up to be extremely beautiful and lovely lady.

Biscuit Bishop's Arcas aka Timon moved to his own home some 2 weeks before July and Apollo went to Spain. He had the same route to Brussels, and from there to Entebbe, Uganda. There is no direct flights from Finland to Uganda and giving him the night of rest in the half point of his journey seemed to be the right thing to do.
He has attended once to show on Animals Day with his mate Tamaris, who is black beuaty of a standard poodle girl. Timon had been in ring just like he'd knew he's a star. And he was, he took the BIS-win home with him.
Read how his story begins and about the Jungletrip

Biscuit Bishop's Asopus aka Kippura went to his first new home for about a half a year just to come back. He didn't get back for a very long time when he was rehomed. He had all of his family round his big paw and was happy and loved member of the pack.
Kippura went to the bridge September 21st 09. He was big boy, and had a great personality, full of himself and so gentle.

Biscuit Bishop's Atlas aka Aaron... Aaron was born first and stayed with my little sister. One of his best funs were watching my sleeping sister just 10cm (about 4 inches)reach. This big boy (76cm/30" in shoulders) thought he was so tiny lapdog and tail was wagging constantly.
Aaron was shown once. Poodle specialty was in the nearby city Oulu at february 24th 2001 and he was bos-puppy. We thought to grow him a bit of a coat and show him few times but that was not ment to be. Aaron died on my hands on a sad sunny saturday june 18th 2005 10:20 a.m., being just 5 years old.

Biscuit Bishop's Andromeda aka Saija was born last with nothing on. She was needed to pull out from what ever our friend got a grip, and that was her tail. She has the shortest tail of all, it is so short one could think it's docked, and it's even shorter as the tail injured during the birth.

Biscuit Bishop's Artemis aka Daisy found her home fast. She has changed home few times but seems like she is in a forever home now. She has also been shown, having one bob-win and cc already.

Biscuit Bishop's Athena aka Hulda went to her new home for about 3 weekas, and came back to us. She's been in shows too, being in the poodle specialty BIS-2-puppy 2001. After that she's been entered shows only ocationally and she'll be aside to the time she'll be in veteran classes.

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