Biscuit Bishop's

FI CH Biscuit Bishop's Atlantique "Haiku"

Born May 25th 2013


Haiku is from F-litter. She's beautiful and nice, giving small delicate girlie kisses sparingly. She is a bit small sized to my taste, but atleast she fits in the breed standard.

Haiku is somewhat white with little cream around mainly ears. Her coat is quite nice, and now that she lives with her own person, coat gets to grow. Althought she was the bad one while living here with 2 boys from the same litter, she was the one hanging on boys neck, specially in tail. And a bit smaller, quicker and nippier, the boys were in trouble with her.

Haiku started her show career at Tampere int show, conducting herself just the way people generally imagines poodles to act. She usually behaves nicely and calmly, except when she comes over, then she's just glad all over. She has 2 cc's, 1st in lion trim, 2nd in terrier/modern clip. Haiku won her 3rd cc from group show at Kankaapää being BOS at the end of the day. That cc made her #5 my bred Finnish ShowChampion standard poodle.

She was checked up at Tampere Hakametsä veterinary services. Eyes are clear, hips graded A/A and elbows 0/0. She was bred by silver multi ch Vinzentinus vom Strahlenden Sternchen early ocotober, and puppies were born december 5th. There's 1 silver and 3 white males and 1 white and 4 silver bitches.

Haiku has been bred with white older gentleman, Lappponia's Pallas. Her previous litter produced very nice poodles, and as she was a superb mom, we decided to breed her again, now with different male. Puppies were born April 19th, 7 males and 3 bitches, all white.

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