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Standard litters


The first litter of 8 standard puppies were born June 15th, 2000. There was 4 white girls, 3 white and 1 black boys. Salla started giving birth around 6 a.m. and the 8th was born around 8p.m. Puppies were quite same sized, only the black was much bigger than the white ones.

White bitch "July" and black dog "Apollo" went to Spain, white dog "Timon" moved to Uganda to live with black bitch "Tamaris". Three other lives in upper coast line here in Finland and one with us. My little sisters joy, allways happy "Aaro" sleeps safely in my parents backyard.

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The second litter was born Ocotber 4th, 2006. Biscuit Bishop's Athena aka "Hulda" gave birth to 4 white little ones. Thouhg 3 of the puppies were bigger than whites in the previous litter but one was really small. First one was born 7:50 a.m. and the rest every hour. Sire to this litter is white Party-Line's White Cream. To puppy gallery

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The third litter was born May 23rd 2013. Since the bitch from previous litter grew too tall (thought I prefer somewhat bigger standards) and her tail makes a perfect, tight circle, she's not really a show piece, but dearly loved member anyways. I don't see her as breeding material for me, so I had white bitch from her sisters litter, owned by me and my sister. Tiffany Aching grew very nicely, she's not exaggerated on any way. She's been shown just few times, but she prefers agility.

This litter is sired by Fin Ch Sir Ascot's Stunning Onyx; white carrying black with brains (and he sure does know how to use them), nice built, nice head and also competiting in agility, and not a matador, that's more than we origianlly dared to ask for stud. This is the handsome gentlemans 3rd litter.

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