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Fin MVA Hot Gossip Magic Trick "Rasmu"

April 25th 1990 - February 23rd 2001

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Black standard poodle boy Magic was my fisrt dog. We had him from his breeder (Sirpa Kemppainen, kennel Hot Gossip) at the end of june. The next day was my last day at summer job and it went so slow when I had my own puppy at home waiting.

Magic was origiannly taken as only a pet. We didn't intend to show him, once or twice maybe. Of course, it didn't end up like that. At the 1990 we had rabies epidemic here and there was no puppy classes in shows, as well as no puppies allowed in training courses either. How ever we managed to get to training group at december, so we had atleast few times of practising and a little clue what to do in show. At the beginning of 1991 puppies were accepted back, and our local show that starts Finland's yearly show season was our first show.

First show went fairly well. Magic won his brother even though he grabbed judge by his wrist. Later Magic never did that again and with that same judge was a very gentlmanlike, and that judge always pointed out his good temperanment in the written judgement.

Magic was his breeders first ch-offspring. His show career weren't a very winsome (twice BOB, twice BOS, numerous best male 3rds, at fun shows 6 times BIS-1, twice BIS-2, three times BIS-3) he enjoyed shows to the very end. At his 3 last years he was also a junior handler dog. There's nothing nicer to see than a dog who waits for so anxiously to get to training with his junior handler.

As a pet Magic was propably the best of all. Stubborn, huge self-respect, smart and a sence of humour. Easy to train, enjoyed learning new stuff. Dog that had so much more than a wind tunnel between ears. After all the years I was too blind to see and never get to utilize his talent and brains, not even close.

Magic died at home around 2 a.m. friday. Magic was the master of intermitting, also in this. I had to bath and scissor standard and 2 dwarves to saturdays poodle specialty. Show day went in a fog, and with all the success (my dwarf bitch got cc, standard poodle puppies were both BOB and BOS -puppies, BOB-puppy being BIS-2 puppy at the end of the day) it was still somewhat joyless day.

After all, or perhaps just because of it, Magic was The Best First Dog that could be. My once in a lifetime Dog.

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