Biscuit Bishop's

Fin Ch Lapponia's Rahkkasan "Salla"

May 1st 1996 - March 25th 2001

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Salla (bred by Virpi Pesonen, kennel Lapponia's ) came to me quite suddenly. I had always wanted white standard bitch, and what I had first was a black dog. I had just moved out from home, time seemed right and puppies were available. So I and my boyfriend of that time drove to see the puppies, litter of 7 girls and one boy. Puppy called by the name "Salla" came to my lap at the moment I went to puppies area and I was sold. It was a deal and we'd go back to take her to us next week.

On the next day I went to my parents house, telling mom that I'm buying white standard girl next day. Mom thought I'm gone completely insane as I already had Magic and Print, Nana lived with my parents at that time full time, and went to do gardening. Like that would stop me. Boys were at home the day and night we brought Salla, and the next morning I had her with me when I took my boys back home. Mom saw Salla then first time, hurrying to go to do gardening. Again. It took couple of weeks for mom to cool down, but ever since she liked Salla as much as we did.

It was very clear that I would show Salla. Her parents were their times most winsome ones, and Salla had potential too. And that I would most likely breed her also. Even though Salla was both of us dog, she always kept me as her human. If we both were at home, Salla was sitting in my lap to get her tummy petted, or at least she had to see mee. When we came home, she came to me first. When I was at home and my boyfriend came home, Salla went to say hi to him and came back to me. She always thought there's always room for a small and cute standard poodle girl with her persons in soffa.

The only litter Salla ever had, was born june 15th, 2000. Less than a year after that and month (and a day) after Magic had died, it was Sallas turn to leave us and join Magic.

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