Biscuit Bishop's

Biscuit Bishop's Athena "Hulda"

June 15th 2000 - May 3rd 2013

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Athena... She was sold one of the first puppies, but after 3 weeks at her new home she came back to the pack, mostly the sam she left. She stayed with my parents first, but finally came to stay wity us. As when Salla was "my" dog, (the sky can drop down as long as I was on her sight) was Athena mens dog.

Athena was very nice and kind girl. A little bit of a blonde side but kind. Stole food from the table but that's about it. Athena strongly believed all dogs were her playmates and people only to pet her.

Athena was shown few times too. At her fist show, Finnish poodle club specialty, she was BIS-2-puppy. After that she's been shown only ocationally.

Athena became momma dog. She gave birth to 3 white girls and a white boy on Animals Day, October 4th. Read more on her journal, pictures out too!

Athenas and her puppies journal

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