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Fin MVA Gray-Day's Finger-Print "Roope"

September 3rd 1993 - September 5th 2009

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Print was silver colored dwarf poodle boy, bred by ms. Marja-Leena Jarkko, kennel Gray-Day's. I will always remember the trip getting him. I went to Oulu by train, circling couple of hours at city and meeting the Breeder at her work place, from where we went to her (and of course, her hubbys) house. Puppies were realy brisk 8-weeks olds, and cute as all puppies are. I chose between 2 boys the more petite, didn't want girl at that time as I already had standard male Magic waiting at home. After all paperwork and stuff we went back to railway station only to see the tail-lights of the train to my hometown. And of course, it was the last train going anywhere that evening. Thinking for a while, breeders hubby and their neighbor drove us back home!

I had Print thingking a bit more shows, though the official status was a pet. He had his first cc At Tampere int show may -95. Second cc came about 2 years after that, from poodle specialty, and third cc again about 2 years later. Print has allways been very skinny, no matter how much he has been eating or sporting, so the show career has been full of ups and downs.

Print was taught also to do the obedience class 1, though I'm not competitive enough to go and actually compete. When Magics agility training ended to the fact I hadn't ever teach him to be without leash freely and in hand, Prints agility career ended as if I was too far he'd marked the obstacles. Both Prints brother and sister were champions too, and they both also had brains.

Print has total of one litter, wich gave us 2 boys. 3 or 4 other bitches visited him, but Print wasn't interrested of them. He never was interrested enough that those other bitches could even been AI:d. When Topaz came to us, Print finally had found the love in dwarves. Prints original love was black standard bitch that was in training classes with us. We strongly believe Print imagined being big and black, at least big, he grew almost to be oversized. He lived well deserved lazy days with my parents and little sister.

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