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Hot Gossip Come Back Liza "Nana"

August 29th 1992 - December 7th 2006


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Nana was black standard girl, Magic's step sister (same dam). Nana came to our life at the end of -93. In the car she sat in the middle like it had always been her place, looking out when coming into crossings, leaning in the bendings. Nana had us all around her lovely paw from the very beginning. Magic and Print took her well too, and after she settled, she was The One who said the final word. Nana was everyones buddy, got nicely along with everyone, both dogs and people, kids too. And even though she got old, she was still in very good condition.

Nana was shown once too. Can you imgine 3-year old lion coated so happy and glad dog in the ring that is about to explode. She got 2nd price in quality ("good") but she enjoyed enormously, as well as the people in the ringside. We considered taking her to veterans classes, but time ran out. Though it would been very interresting to see if she still would been joyoys in the ring.

Nana spent her well earned retireing days with my parents, little sister and Print.

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