Biscuit Bishop's

Biscuit Bishop's Wild Lime "Pinja"

Born October 4th 2006

Little Wild Lime was first born in the litter. She's staying with us and Athena has the playmate she needs. Lime has the same expressions with Athena and Salla, and sometimes it's frightening how similar the looks are. But time will tell how our girl grows.

Our little Lime entered fun show on march, she wasn't placed, there was almost one year old ones with very young puppies like Lime, who was only 5months at the time. She walked quite fine in show leash, and stood quite well also even though we haven't practiced much. At puppy show she didn't show very well, and was placed 2nd after her sister who took bob-puppy. Both girls got excellent judgements, and the day was sunny but not too hot. Lovely day.

Lime has grown the same size as her mom. She propably still grows another inch, so she will really be a big girl. Her tail also makes a perfect circle, so we leave further shows for her sister and brother.

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