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Aus&Fin MVA Croodle Born Silver Topaz "Tosca"

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Born June 7th 1999

Topaz (bred by Ros Seare, Australia kennel Theldaroy) arrived to Finland august 18th, 2000. Topazs' journey from Brisbane through Bankok and Stockholm to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has been quite eventful one, atleast according her box. Original plastic one has been changed in Bankok into a pressed wooden one, and something heavy has been dropped onto it (hole in the roof). Water bowl was an old tin can (rusted). Topaz had her vet check at Stocholm, and there was fresh gras in her coat. Otherways she was full of spirit and glad little girl, not a sign of any shynes or frightenes. The 6hour drive didn't seem to stress her either.

Originally I was to get Topaz' girl, but as she then grew a wee bit too big to be toy in Australia and just a perfect size of being dwarf here, came Topaz finally here.

Topaz went straight on the same fall in couple of shows, and she was bred to first heat here with Print. That gave us 2 boys, so no girl to send back to Australia. Next heat came and go, unregular heats troubled and just as I found suitable sire, she was left empty in the first attempt. Next attempt gave so bad infection into uterus that she went from ultra straight to be sterilized.

Topaz settled easily to our standard group. A bit shyly kissing lapdog is found easily from this little girl. Today her kissing isn't shy anymore. She is a princess sleeping most preferrably on the pillow or cuddled on tummy on the sofa. Winter and snow doesn't bother this girl, and she doesn't seem to be cold more than others here.

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